Lets Us Care For You

When booking your appointment

If you have several things to discuss with the doctor, or you believe you may need a longer appointment (e.g. for medical examinations, health reviews with pap smears, care plans etc), please notify the receptionist at the time of booking, so a longer appointment can be made.

If you do not notify reception, the doctor will not have time to address all your issues in one visit. You may be asked to make another appointment and return another day.

Please note: A standard appointment at Macleay Island Medical is 10 minutes

New Patients are Welcome

Give Reception a call to book an appointment or book online.  Please download and print out our New Patient Form, then complete your details prior to your first appointment.  This will help speed the process for you to see the Doctor.

Simply hand the form to reception when you arrive for your appointment. 

Purpose of your visit

When arriving, please notify the receptionist immediately if you have any emergency concerns.

When arriving for an appointment, check in with the receptionist and please notify us of any changes to your contact details.

Walk-in appointments are welcome, however, will be dependent upon doctor availability and wait times. Please understand we will do our best to fit you in where possible.

Please note: Our reception team will not tolerate any abusive or offensive behaviour or language. Remember we are here to help you.

Appointment scheduling & delays

We do our best to keep our doctors running on time, however, due to the nature of the industry, emergencies and or late appointments can and do occur.  If this is the case, you will be notified upon arrival so you can decide to wait or rebook for another time. We appreciate your understanding during these times.

Our Doctors

Doctors who work at Macleay Island Medical, WILL NOT, under any circumstances, prescribe narcotics and /or Benzodiazepines (Benzos).

Additionally, scripts will not be issued for any dangerous drugs to new patients at a first consultation.

All of your patient files and doctor’s notes are stored electronically so any doctor in our clinic can access all of your history.

This means if you can see another doctor sooner than your regular doctor you can reducing the risk of any delays in your health care and management.

Referrals and medical certificates

Medical certificates and  referrals to specialists, (such as pathology and radiology services etc) will require an appointment. This includes Centrelink and Workcover certificates.

For legal reasons, “backdating” of medical certificates and referrals is not possible under any circumstances.


All patients must return to their doctor to receive and discuss results. For medico-legal reasons, reception and nursing staff will not under any circumstances discuss results over the phone.

Results are typically received within the week unless advised otherwise by your doctor

Free Flu Shots

The Government offers Bulk Billed Flu Shots under the national Immunise Australia Program for at risk groups, including:

  • Pregnant Women
  • People aged 65 years and over
  • Children from 6 months of age to less than 5 years
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait People aged 6 months and over
  • Individuals 6 months and over with medical conditions that could be complicated by the flu (such as severe asthma, heart and lung disease, low immunity or diabetes)

*Check with your GP to see if you are eligible.  If you are not eligible for the free flu shot, you can still have it.  Speak to your Doctor.  There might be a cost.